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'A Peel for Care' Print - Kat Spence


'A Peel For Care' 

A2 (17x23″) 240 gsm Giclée print on Cream Paper 


London based artist Kat Spence works with several mediums including Ink Drawing and Ceramics. Tapping into themes of body positivity and liberation particularly regarding body hair, self love and care for each other. 

The work addresses the importance of surrounding yourself with healthy relationships, depicting stage like scenes draped in female rituals and healing time with other women. 

The work is largely symbolic discussing the importance of allowing space for each other to grow. However, it does not ignore the darker tones surrounding the struggle in accepting our individual bodies and each other. 

The pieces are often incomplete highlighting this almost flux between what we feel we know about ourselves and others and what is unfinished and still to learn. Reflecting on the story of our learning process but also importantly our process of unlearning the negative ways in which we view ourselves, and interact with our bodies and each other.

Ultimately, the importance of these unapologetic in your face naked depictions of women, is intended to encourage an openness surrounding female nudity, so we no longer hide from the more tricky conversations about our bodies. 

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